Our Work

Soilful City uses the principles of Kwanzaa as a guiding philosophy for creating and sustaining healthy neighborhoods. Intertwining these tenets with the wisdom of Mother Nature allows us to use agriculture as way to heal and organize stressed communities. We are able to provide the following benefits to our District neighbors:

Education and Employment Skills
Soilful City is partnering with Project E.D.E.N. to turn their community garden into a urban agriculture and healthy living training space located in ward 8.  The main focus of the trainings are garden composting and value-added food production.

Community Building Catalysts
Soilful is working in partnership with Benning Terrace and Woodland Terrace it create community spaces that center around community health and wellness. These spaces use urban gardens as a central meeting space for residents to congregate around physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Speaking Engagements
Whether it’s a crowd of elementary school students or Rooting DC, we’re prepared to talk to you about bringing food to the people.